Vendor Solution

  • The BEAPWater Vendor Program (“BVP”) has been created to enhance BEAPWater’s capacity to meet its AWG hardware supply to end users through its partner network.
  • BEAPWater is now inviting applications from suitably qualified corporate entities and individuals to join the BVP as vendors. Vendors under the BVP would be required to supply various AWG units in various quantities to BEAPWater under a Sale and Lease Back (“SLB”) arrangement in line with business requirements.
  • BEAPWater would effect lease payments over the SLB period to the participating vendors.
  • All SLB arrangement has a maximum tenor of 5 years

What You Get As Our Vendor

  • Financing support from our financial partners – BEAPWater has established relationship with a pool of financiers with keen interest in supporting its BVP. All Vendors automatically qualify for financial support from the financiers in line with each financier’s risk acceptance criteria.
  • A range of products to supply from our product portfolio – BEAPWater has established a deep portfolio of AWG products to meet the needs of its end users and partner network. All products qualify for supply under the BVP
  • Profitable Arrangement – Our BVP has been designed to ensure that you are profitable from the first month of participation irrespective of the equipment supplied or tenor of the BVP arrangement.
  • Business Growth – As we expand our operations across geographies and cities, we would continue to increase our demand for AWG products to meet our growing business requirements. This presents unique opportunities for our Vendors to grow their portfolio under the BVP arrangement in a sustainable and profitable manner
  • Prompt payment – Lease payment under the BVP is effected in line with the terms of supply of the AWG equipment under the BVP supply contract
  • Passive income – The BVP arrangement provides alternative income sources for participating individuals and corporate entities
  • 3rd Party Managed Assets – All AWG equipments deployed under the BVP arrangement by Vendors would be actively managed and maintained by our Partners
  • AWG Equipment Insurance & Warranties – All equipments deployed under the BVP arrangement are covered by manufacturer’s warranty and appropriate insurance against theft, damage during usage and fire incidences

Getting Started As A Vendor

In just 4 steps you should be up and running with your Vendor Business

  • Request a consultation (Optional)
  • Take the Vendor Survey
  • Complete the Vendor checklist requirements
  • Go Live