We partner with our Business Partners to deliver outstanding water solutions and services to our numerous users around the world.
Our partnership options include the following: Country Business Partner; State Business Partner; Regional Business Partner; Area Business Partner; and Local Business Partner

We partner with our Business Partners to deliver outstanding water solutions and services to our numerous users around the world. We have streamlined our operating protocols to ensure that you are able to setup from the one and get your water business going

Our Business partnership options include the following:

a. Country Business Partner – country level market coverage
b. Regional Business Partner – Regional level market coverage
c. State Business Partner – State level market coverage
d. Area Business Partner – Area level market coverage
e. Local Business Partner – Local level market coverage

What you get as our Business Partner

a. A business plan to get your business going
b. Financing support to sustain operations
c. A range of AWG machine supplies to kick start your business
d. Business support services to grow your business
e. Marketing commercials, branding materials, business leads, channel expansion support
f. Online portal to manage your business and customers on the go
g. Online realtime customer management resources
h. Regulatory certifications and approvals to comply with local laws and policies (subject to a limited number of jurisdictions)

In just 4 steps you should be up and running with your Business Partner business

Step 1: Request a consultation
Step 2: Take the Business Partner survey
Step 3: Complete the Business partner checklist requirements
Step 4: Go live


a. Join one of our monthly Business Partner webinar (optional)
b. Take the Business Partner Survey
c. Fill the online Business Partner application form
d. Sign your Business Contract
e. Choose your location
f. Take the pre-kick-off training
g. Brand your location
h. Start acquiring customers using the BEAPWater platform

1. International support – BEAPWater has won international recognition and support for its innovation and contribution to water access security for millions across Africa
2. Positioning – we have positioned the BEAPWater brand as the clear leader in sustainable water access solution for millions in urban and rural areas
3. Service – We have assembled a truly professional team to support our Business Partners through every stage of their operations and customer management process
4. System – We have built a robust IT infrastructure to support our value proposition to all stakeholders
5. Product portfolio – We have developed a broad range of products, services and solutions portfolio to ensure that our Business Partners are equipped to meet the needs of their respective market environments
6. Product innovation – Our products have been specifically created to address distortions in the marketplace and ensure that our Business Partners are able to sustain market leadership in their respective geographical regions
7. Timing – The growth in human population has placed enormous pressure on water resources and infrastructure around the world. We believe the time has come for the world to embrace our innovation
8. Funding support – BEAPWater has developed a robust funding model to guarantee sustainability of its operations through a mix of funding sources and initiatives.
9. Credit support – BEAPWater will continue to support the operations of its Business Partners through long term credit support in a bid to ensure a win-win situation for both parties
10. Profitability – you get to operate a profitable business while we support your operations
11. Operating support – Our business model has been built around training of our Business Partners to ensure that they are able to deliver the BEAPWater brand promise to the end user.
12. Promotion and marketing – We will continue to invest in the marketing, advertising and promotion of our products, services and solutions in a bid to support the operations of our Business Partners