BEAPWater Water Vending Solution

A water vending machine is a small investment that can generate big profits. You can begin making profits from the first day that you place the machine, giving you immediate sales and cash flow. Placing a machine in a medium traffic area could provide you with a return in as little as 8 months to a year. The BEAPWater Vending Solution provides revenue making opportunities for your water business irrespective of your business location and water needs. Our business model provides an opportunity to deliver the highest water quality to your customers, while allowing water vendors to build a low overhead, cash flow positive business with great, long-term growth potential.

What You Get with the BEAPWater Water Vending Solution

  1. Immediate revenue from your first trading day
  2. Unlimited clean and affordable potable water for your customers
  3. Offer home delivery and site sales options to your customers
  4. High quality sales leads from the BEAPWater platform
  5. Continuous customer management solution on the BEAPWater platform
  6. Backup power to keep your business going
  7. Enjoy usage based incentives and discounts
  8. Track your profit online realtime
  9. Expand your business with our support
  10. Training to get started
  11. Reduce your carbon & environmental footprint
  12. Enhance your sustainability impact
  13. Track your impact – CO2 savings, plastic savings, water poverty reduction, health enhancement etc
  14. Print unlimited usage statement across parameters
  15. All AWGs are maintenance, insurance and ownership free
  16. More clean, potable water for less value
  17. Easily upgrade to higher capacities in line with you business water and energy requirements