BEAPWater Composite Solution

The BEAPWater Composite Solution provides unlimited clean and affordable potable water and energy for your residential, commercial, industrial, community and agriculture needs. The solution has been designed to ensure your complete energy and water security through the use of a combination of atmospheric water generators and renewable energy solutions. The Composite Solution is available upon customer request and can be integrated with all the portfolio solutions of BEAPWater.

What You Get with the BEAPWater Composite Solution

  1. Sufficient energy supply from the dedicated water supply system / infrastructure
  2. Complete energy and water solutions coverage on a single account / investment
  3. Enjoy usage based incentives and discounts
  4. Track realtime energy and water usage
  5. Easily upgrade to higher AWG generating capacities at no extra cost
  6. Usage based discount / cost savings
  7. Track usage realtime
  8. Set usage limit
  9. Control budget & cost
  10. Reduce your carbon & environmental footprint
  11. Enhance your sustainability impact
  12. Track your impact – CO2 savings, plastic savings, water poverty reduction, health enhancement etc
  13. More clean, potable water for less value
  14. Print unlimited usage statement across parameters
  15. Integrate multiple water sources (borehole, water from air, etc)
  16. Take charge of your energy and water security
  17. Be fully independent